Monday, November 24, 2003

well, i finally get around to figuring out blogger bob's invitation and what do i find? why the rascals posted my gentle rejoinders to the squandering of bucks on the aclu!

of course, he fails to post my link pointing out the aclu's anti 2nd amendment campaign now going on in mass. then he accuses me of losing my sense of humor!

sound like typical leftist moonbat ad hominem to me...

judge for's his response...

Tom -

Well, that stuff might hold some water in Mass. Perhaps the folks in Boston
shouldn't be allowed to carry guns. Uncle Ted always used Volkswagons to
kill people, he being an enlightened left coast liberal.

Tommy... you're in danger of losing your sense of humor. Stop thinking with
your mouse and try putting together positive arguments originating from your
own experience. Clicking around to other people's ragged ranting doesn't
enhance a position, it only elaborates other people's thinking. And those
folks always seem to have an axe to grind.

I thought you'd read my take on 9/11 and have something to say. I did
reinvite you to join the blog at my website.

chicken little must be right...ol' bob's complaining about "ragged ranting"? why i've heard the old boy, when in full voice, do a credible imitation in volume, style & quality of though to what henry VIII must have mustered discussing the wives, the pope, the peter's pence, the divorce...

i, however, do admit that advancing old fartdom may have caused me to resemble "thinking with my mouse" more than thinking with that part of me i used to think a lot more with when i was much younger. not only am i now thinking about a much wider range of topics, but the women are safer.

now i can comfortably contemplate scintillating topics like "when did bob's mind turn into a skull full of rush...ehhhmush?" how could i not have known? i know he seemed overly preoccupied with ginsberg at a tender age, but weren't we all? he did get diverted into academia, but one would think the bail bond business would have cured that! how could my oldest friend developed moonbats in his belfry and I NOT NOTICE?

a terrible friend i've been!

now i know combing that batshit out of your hair will be a bitch, bob. but you can do it...and it's a great excuse for excessive use of red wine.

let us examine a statement extracted from your pitiful attack on my sense of humor:

"Clicking around to other people's ragged ranting doesn't
enhance a position, it only elaborates other people's thinking. "

it seems to me that 'elaborating other people's thinking' is why both you & i have spent a gazillion dollars on books. we scrunched up our cerebellum's for a humongous philosophical enema from which we sifted those nuggets necessary to "get our shit together". after ongoing mental digestion, what's left is the mental equivalent of "you are what you eat".

as i dodder into old fartdom, i find clicking is cheaper & quicker and doesn't weight nearly as much when you have to move. today, just as when we were growing up, one man's ragged ranting is another's philosophical gems. the only difference is i am much more discriminating than i used to be and, of course, more frequently right!

( i know, you're thinking "right of what? adolf?")

i have to go now. please try to work on those leftist liberal cobwebs. i'm sure the scales can fall from your eyes if you really, really try!