Sunday, May 09, 2004

We can always count on the guys at to bring us the pictures that the other media sources are too squeamish to publish.

OK... the military intelligence guys (there's an oxymoron for you) at Abu Ghraib were having a lot of twistoid-pervert fun in that uniquely Weimar period way of the anal military... at getting theirs back at the guys who fought us. But... is it good policy to take pictures? They look like something that was sketched by George Gross for God's sake. Excuse me, and maybe I'm the dope... but they took pictures? Didn't it ever occur to the guys that they might have to explain their ideas about "fun" to a grand jury (or maybe a hostile Congress) some day? Duh! This is the same kind of blind stupidity that Nixon had when he thought it would be a good idea to tape his rantings so that forensic historians could later hang him up to twist in the wind.

Now today I'm watching one of the Sunday news shows and Lehey (no friend of guys with an R after their name... of course, I can't even spell his name...duh)) and some other guy from one of the oversight committees, is vowing to go after them with a hammer to hit them in the nutsack. Surprise surprise.

How can these otherwise capable representatives of the military/industrial cabal be so dumb? What set of circumstances make it possible for people to think themselves immune from prosecution. We're already hearing variations on the Nuremberg Defense... I was just following orders.... give me a break!

And the associated question -- was any useful intelligence actually acquired with these dangerous methods? My visceral notion is that these kind of methods are a waste of time. One thing is for sure: they're not worth the risk. This kind of brutal and mindless foolishness could very easily cost ... not only Mr. Rumsfeld his job... but his boss too. Just think... four years of that loser Kerry then we can look forward to a double of Hillary. Did I just feel a chill running down my back? Yup. Good Christ! Why do we always have to shoot ourselves in the foot?