Sunday, October 12, 2003

Tom --

Yes. Good stuff. Of course, it's a trifle ingenuous to "discover" that power corrupts. Seems that I've heard that somewhere before...

As you know, I've always been an Adlerian in my psychological world view. I really do believe that the important consideration is invariably the elaboration of mutual complexity defined by the "locus of control". Ah, Adler! The eternal question: Can there ever be a reincarnation of the traditional Logos (a modern day edict of Milan?) so long as people continue to need to natter over the distinctions between homoousiae.

The other thing is that I find myself agreeing with pleasure is the notion that you don't really have to be liked. I suppose it's because I rarely have been. But those few who do are invariably thoughtful like minded misanthropes who all seem to own library cards.

Some even play a fairly mean piano rag (the defining 12 bars?).