Tuesday, November 25, 2003

glad you could make it to the funeral. mrs. kenyon was quite a lady. i did talk to kenny last thurs. & he seemed in good spirits. tough to lose a mother but a real relief to know they've escaped from the dementia jail.

as for agreeing about life & the box...you've forgotten your longfellow:

tell me not in mournful numbers
:life is but an empty dream"
for the soul is dead that slumbers
and things are not what they seem.

first poem i ever learned...clean poem, that is.

i'm more concerned about the wonderful ts elliot line:

"i've seen the eternal footman hold my coat & snicker..."

that SOB better not snicker!

i like the old die hard battery ad in which the "battery grim reaper was worried about being reduced to "house plant grim reaper". snickers will get him demoted to "dental plate grim reaper"!

have you asked for your check back from the aclu?

bought any sousa marches to keep away the riff raff?