Monday, July 26, 2004


I spent all morning in court listening to the sad disfunctional people that seem to make up my entire case load. Actually, I'm not really that unhappy with the kids I have as I am so... so totally fed up with their amazingly lame parents.

I've got a great long rampage about crummy parenting but I know that there is no cure so I might as well shut up. It just wears me out, that's all. Thank goodness that the kids have a better chance of outliving their unfortunate choice in parents that any of us have of seeing an end to our own self administered unhappiness.

Needless to say, I continue to be amazed when some parental type is angry because their kid is facing a possession charge and the lousy parent  is in court wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt and reeking of weed, complaining to the court about how the cops were hassling their kid. Sigh. Forty year old moron jailhouse lawyers who acquired all their legal expertise from watching Oz and Law and Order on cable TV. What a maroon! 

Some day this war's gonna end.