Sunday, August 29, 2004


Well, Jim of Smoke on the Water was in Orlando for a few days because his dad had to get some patches on his pump up at Shands UF. The plan was that we would go do some shooting up in Apopka at Shoot Straight gun shop if he had time. Well, of course, things began go into the ceramic holding facility at my job and I found myself putting out fires for the last week. I've got one of those jobs (JPO for the Dept. of Juvenile Justice) commonly called a double dipping deal: ex-teacher, ex-bondsman, ex-business owner. I'm afraid to retire because those kind of guys seem to drop dead two months after the get their first retirement check. I do Intake processing at the assessment center in Orlando... and we are coming back post-Charley at about half-staff so the remaining soldiers in the unit have had doubled work loads with no relief in sight. Whee. Retire? In my dreams!

Anyhow, Jim and I were gonna get together and bust some caps at the same indoor range that his Dad and I go to up in Apopka. Rumor has it that things have gone well up in Gainesville (my alma mommy) and his dad will get to his next rotation of the gyre. That leaves the connect betwen bloggers.

I never realized what an accomplishment these big shot bloggers manage. GutDaddy and VelociHoncho and DaxDude seem to always be hooking up and networking and I'll admit that I've been envious of their capacity for communing. I didn't realize how hard it is for someone to meet up in real time. I guess because it is so easy to link up on the Net that you'd think that the same kind of link up could be accomplished without the benefit of Intel technology.

Obviously, not so. I think that Jim is scheduled to return to the wilds of Texas tomorrow morning so if I can't get away from the naughty children of Orlando this afternoon we'll just have to plan ahead again. Maybe by that time I can get some of my staffing problems solved down at the JAC.

Anyhow, give my best to your Dad and tell him to keep pumping. I have a black powder pistol made for target shooting that he might like to play with. You too, for that matter.