Saturday, September 25, 2004


Here's the picture from GOES for number 4. It is predicted to run right up the spine of the state tonight and tomorrow as a Category 3 or 4 storm. That means winds in above 100. Man, I'm really tired of this crap. The nice thing is that most of us are all stocked up with batteries and bottled water. Unfortunately, a lot of folks have gotten down to the place where they're not emotionally able to give a crap what happens. That's a bad way to feel when a category 4 storm is bearing down on you. It's sort of like being hit by a truck after being run over by three cars.

Well, we'll see. The facility here at Central Blvd. is all locked down and all of my little miscreants are attended to. Our contingency plans are all in place. One good thing has come out of this madness -- the county has bought us a new emergency generator. It was brought over from
Tampa this afternoon and is sitting safe and sound in the back yard. Better late than never, right? Unfortunately, it is being installed too late to help with Jeanne. Wouldn't you know it. They are gonna have to wait until the weather gets better before they can put a crew into the back yard. Jeez.