Monday, October 04, 2004


The "debates" and the predictable outcomes are probably a good thing. I have felt for a while that we... I mean us bloggers who are all Republican genetically... have been just talking to ourselves: Babbling smug certainties to each other without noticing the beast slumbering off stage. I suppose it's because I have an office across the street from the Kerry headquarters in Orlando and I see folks coming and going through the doors over there... Not many, but enough for me to know that they are doing business... Suddenly I see Kerry stickers all over town.

And now the biased press is trumpeting the Kerry landslide and how their guy hammered the Prez in the debates and that Mr. Bush might as well throw in the towel now and save us all the hassle of staging elections.

This is a good thing? I suppose not. I would have liked it better if Mr. Bush had come out of the lop sided debates with a absolutely uncontested outcome, but we all know that that was impossible. Hell, the thing was staged by PBS in the first place, and they are gonna have the whole thing rigged to slant towards Kerry from the get-go. Bush went in and held his own and stated his positions, but without an absolute slam dunk that couldn't be spun towrds Kerry, you know that they're gonna declare a Democrat victory. What did you expect?

My point is that I can remember when W's daddy was running for a second term. He had earned a second pass at the job. He had won the war and had successfully negotiated all of the brokering of a collective peace that passed for success back in those days. But... the liberals spun things around so that he was made to look like Mr. Too Little Too Late and they gave the job to You Know Who. Ah, the power of the media on the great unwashed masses. Unfortunately, most people are willing to give up their freedom and their honor for the promise of a quiet life. Only when they are faced with the possibility of losing their own personal lives, or losing their own personal freedom, will they rise up in indignation... then they are likely to boot out the politicians that put them in such a predicament. Remember that Churchill was voted out as a warmonger after he had won the war for the British.

All I'm saying is that we can't just assume that because W deserves the job that he will get it. That's not how it works. The Democrats are literally fighting for their very existence. If the forces of liberalism lose this round they may very well not be in the game at all four years from now. And I suspect that is when the Big Mama of all Liberals gets the baton to run. Just think.... another Clinton in the White House... and my daughter couldn't be happier than to see that happen. Brrr.

We can expect the Donks to pull out all of their dirty tricks... and I mean all... of the stops in the next month. No level is too low to stoop. No lie is going to be eschewed. They're fighting for their very existence here folks. There will be no infamy too nauseating, no fabrication too foolish. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't find canker sores on Mrs. Bush's vulva before the week is out. It doesn't matter what infamy is proposed. You know that the mainstream media is gonna promulgate it. Dan Rather is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are witness to the last round of politics as usual in this country. If Bush wins, we will be witness to the demise of the old Democrat Party as we understand it, and we will have a fragmented collection of small liberal parties similar to the British or the Italians: Socialists, Communists, Mugwumps, Flat Earthers, Anarchists, you name it. And opposing parties of Conservatives, Whigs, Libertarians, you name it, including Social Democrats, Fascists, Pajamaed Bloggers, Warlocks... you name it.

Bush's people hoped to give Kerry a grand slam the other night and it didn't happen. Now the surrender monkies have a new lease on life. Stand braced for another month of the nastiest run of hate politics you've ever seen.