Saturday, March 26, 2005


Well, the end is in sight. I suppose that this is another one of those sorry examples of reaping what we sow in this eternal culture war. The pundits have all rung in... everybody says that it's a shame. The courts are acting courtly and standing on principle, the governor is saying that he has done everything that is constitutional for his office to do, there isn't a tavern left in America that hasn't fielded a discussion of the issue by the real losers of this pitiful wrangling.

The bottom line is this -- I wouldn't treat a dog like they have treated that Schaivo woman. Starved to death? Death by dehydration? What the...

Remember that old Doors song? This is the end. The only end, my friend.

The article in the Sentinel this morning says that it should be over in court by noon. If she lives that long.

Like I said: I wouldn't treat a dog this way.

See you in church this Easter Sunday. Oh, sorry... going to the funeral?