Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well, the kid starts waving a handgun around and the Seminole County deputy is faced with a brutal fact: there are a whole school full of kids suddenly at risk. What to do?

Drop the hammer.

There really isn't any other choice.

My friend Lois Chavis, the Principal of Milwee Middle, is one of the best teachers that I've ever met. Good manager, good boss, good all round peson... and one of those school administrators who was a pleasure to work with. This gal really cares! But... here comes the immutable fact that there was no other alternative. Drop the hammer.

Now this nightmare. I'm just about as sorry for Lois as I am for the kid that got popped. But know this: he did it to himself. It was a shame, but there was no other action possible.

Damn... I'm sorry... but it's a fact.