Monday, May 22, 2006


I was up in Sanford last weekend and went by Otters at the marina to see what was what. The new marina owners have painted everything but so far it just looks cosmetic. But what can they do except tear it down and start over and they're not likely to do that. Anyhow, it's painted but not much else. The inside looks like it's being redecorated. Elaine says that they will be surprised when they get to the plumbing and electrical. My feeling is that... it's being painted. We'll see. In the meanwhile, the old Otters crew of babes has been cast to the wind... and that was a very special group of women who were mostly led by The Redhead (Elaine)... and held together by her through a long series of catastrophes. She's now gotten her real estate peddling ticket and says that she wants to sell condos over on the beach. Sigh.