Thursday, May 11, 2006


Well, I'll have to say that I sure saw it coming. I came over here to Polk County mostly because I liked the guy Lyle that I would be working for... retired air force major, ex-nuclear tech worked on the big bangers, the B-52s delivering the really big surprises to the enemy back in the dark old days of detente. So I carried wood for Lyle for a while here with the losers at DCF. Needless to say, it has not worked out. They sent Lyle down the road with neither a bang nor a whimper. So... I told them to put it where the sun don't shine. I wasn't having much fun anyhow. Thus the old pic of David Allan Coe... my god he's gotten older. Do I look that old? I guess so. I knew Coe when he was riding with the Outlaws back when neither of us had any grey in our beards. He doesn't look happy, does he? Another old fart looking for the rebirth of wonder. Hmm... I wonder who the babe is? More trouble I suppose.