Wednesday, May 17, 2006


You know... I miss Warren Zevon bad. I mean... bad. I got an XM radio for my car last Christmas and now I'm losing the will to listen. Used to be that I'd listen to FM radio and cruise down the interstate with the help of classical music thanks to Public Radio. They were lamely liberal and said all kinds of dopey things inbetween playing cuts of Mozart and Phillip Glass, and I would wake up in time to go in the house and take a shower. But the XM radio has a channel of nothing but conservative talk radio and I have caught a habit of listening to talk... Not the big time colorful guys like Limbaugh and stuff like that, where the guy clears all his issues with my dead mother (bless her) then agrees with everything that my friend Tom Leete says. Noooo... now days the talk radio has to be "topical" or some shit like that. I tell you, it drives me crazy to try to understand as I listen to Hannity & Combs and there are a panel of people that I've never heard of arguing and screaming at each other about something that it's perfectly obvious to me that none of them understand but they are arguing and carefully toeing party lines. It all seems like such total crap. If you ask me... their shit's fucked up. Thanks Warren.