Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The cowards of the media have controlled what Americans think for so long that little gutless weasel pissant governments like Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, have felt that the only people they have to listen to or follow are the shits running the New York Times, and BBC, and NPR... all the pinhead liberal shits who have never learned any of the lessons of history because they have never had to fight their way out of trouble in a school yard. But now the Jews, who have strong memories of WWII in the background, have again heard the whisper of hate spoken to them.... "It could happen again you know. Keep your powder dry, Abe." It's a fact that the Arabs have been begging for a fight for some time, comfortable that America would listen to the liberal press and reign in the Israeli military. The Jews are a well disciplined army, as is our own. And like all real fighters any where and at any time... if you screw around with them they will come after you. Then the bill will have to be paid. And paid in full. Then these asshole Islamofascist shitwits will wish they had left the rest of the decent world alone. They actually think that they can make another try at world domination and they won't come up against the gates of Vienna like they did back in the 12th century. What they don't realize is that those Knights Templar who kicked their shitty goat humping asses back then are armed with nuclear weapons these days. And when they are called to pay the bill for their shitty behavior they will find out what Westerners think of the kind of men who will strap bombs to their own children.

I say... we may have to kill all of the mother fuckers. Don't they realize how easy it would be to nuke their fucking assholes back into the stone age? I wouldn't bother me at all to just give them an offer they can't refuse. If nothing else we wouldn't have to listen to any more whining from the losers at NPR.

Like Conrad said in The Heart of Darkness... Kill them all. I'm tired of fucking with them.