Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Like I say, Christmas is not my favorite time of year. No school, no work, nothing to do but sit around and goof off. Me... I can only hang around the airport for so long before I start going nuts. Besides, playing with bags of nylon wing chutes is actually more expensive than playing with sailboats. There I was trying to get to my buddy Tommy's place over in St. Cloud (he lives on a grass field) and my Volvo just gave up the ghost. Of course the mechanic lives on Holiday time. Not working. So my car sits for 10 days before he can even look at the damned thing. Now they're finally back to work but the part I need isn't stocked any more and Volvo says I have to get the aftermarket one. More delay. Damn, I hate Christmas. The whole world is taking a break. I hate it. I hate! hate it! Hate!