Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Vet BS

I swore that I wasn't going to get embroiled in this political season baloney, but I've fallen across the ad about the "band of brothers" from Kerry once too often. What is this?

And... a group of brown water sailors have put together their own website putting up the truth about Mr. Kerry's "service", if you can call a 4 month stint incountry as service. (How come these guys got 4 month rotations when this dopey grunt had 4 tours as a door gunner before he got really short?)

Anyhow, the website sort of explodes the whole myth that the Donks are trying to use of Kerry as soldier and patriot. It all just makes me want to hurl. I can't stand it!  Besides, that band of brothers line originated with a REAL sailor, Admiral Nelson of the British Navy, and it chaps my ass to have a loser like Kerry trying to claim that kind of mythical stature. 

Go take a look and you'll see a unit photo that has the 3 pro-Kerry guys blocked out and the other 20 or so guys who think that the guy was a REMF loser (then and now) and a puke who any real Marine wouldn't follow into an Saigon whorehouse.