Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Today the race gets pruned down to the precious few. The Republican primary for senator of Florida has really heated up between McCollum and Martinez. Dead heat. Well see. The paper is saying that lots of folks are too worried about the coming hurricane to even think about voting. We'll see.

Interesting -- The donks have a storefront meeting place across the street from my Colonialtown office. It's an ex- bike store and is a big room with a bunch of those cheap folding chairs that you see in church on Easter Sunday for the overflow crowd. I've been watching the activity for the last 2 weeks. Or I should say, lack of activity.

Actually, I feel sorry for them. There they are with this huge room and all those folding chairs and two anxious college kids wandering around staring out at the street. Now, the Democrats have spent millions of dollars advertising in this market. You would think that they would be drawing big big crowds to their meeting places. Nope. I've never seen more than a smattering of folks in that place. I've got a feelng that this Kerry bubble will turn out to be nothing more than a manufactured hype.

I probably shouldn't jinx things by saying junk like that. Shut up Bob.