Saturday, May 21, 2005


I suppose that I should be grateful for anything at all. I've been out playing yachtsman for the last few days and I thought that it'd be a good idea to check my email, so I found my way to an internet cafe... interesting notion. This is the first time that I've actually paid for the privilege of hooking my laptop up to a phone line. I know that a lot of guys do this when they're traveling by boat. I have a fellow and his wife on the blogroll who are slowly wending their way around the world (bumfuzzled) and they are always talking about finding somewhere to upload their website to the internet. Since I have always been securely hooked to the phone in the office I've just blithely been ignoring the cafe struggles of my friends in the South Pacific. First of all... it's expensive. Or at least, relatively expensive. 5$ for 30 minutes is OK I guess but I'm not used to having my rambling timed. Now I know why the Bumfuzzled folks use SSB for email bursts rather than just using the www. While I appreciate the contact I'm becoming aware of the frustrations that the traveler has with blogging. It's not the blog but the phone that is the hassle. Plus, this laptop is not configured to genereate links like my big computer generates. I've got a feeling that I can figure that one out if I'd just take the trouble to go through the setup stuff in the config file, but I'm too lazy to try to figure it out for now so you guys just can do without links. Get over it.

I got the stuff back from Tallahssee reinstating my teaching certificate so I can go look for a job. My creditors are glad to hear that I'm sure. Anyhow, I'll try to settle down and do some job searching next week. In the meanwhile, I'm debating about whether to apply for another state job down in Bartow. One of the CPI jobs is open down there and I've said in the past that that would be an interesting thing to do. We'll see. In the meanwhile, I'll get off this cafe line and get back to boating.

Have fun.