Saturday, September 24, 2005


Look at the size of that kid! The hit of the day was Matthew honking down a biscuit on his first trip as a sensiate being to Golden Corral. Stanley gave him a chunk of one of his pieces of bread and you would have thought that the kid had never eaten solid food before.Come to think of it, I guess that he hadn't. Anyow, the boy woofed it down as if he just discovered what teeth were for and maybe he would get some soon. This grandfather stuff is more fun than I thought. I get to do all that granddaddy stuff, buy the kid more biscuits and suggest a steak to his semi-irate mother, then just hand him off when he gets that distant look that bodes future stinkeybutt. Plus, it's fun to talk about all the stinkeybutt stories featuring his mother as the main character. The sperm donor Stanley the Dad seems to enjoy those. What a life.