Saturday, January 21, 2006


Here's the "toy" that that kid was carrying at Milwee Middle last week that got him shot. Uh... I own a real Beretta stainless Model 92, the actual real gun... I know the feel of it and the weight. Just looking at this "toy" the only thing that distinguishes it from the real mccoy is that orange dingus on the front. I doubt if most people would say "That's not a real gun. It must be a toy". I suppose the weight would give it away. The real thing is a heavy beast... the very best handgun made by the company. Mine is one of the last made in Italy. They've since moved to the US because it was adopted by the American military as the issue carry. One things for sure: The kid is dead. Believe this -- guns are serious tools and not something to play with. I'm sure that there are some among us who will be determined to demonize them. But.. it wasn't the gun itself that made the mistake and took a life. It was a very human act of stupidity. Some adult is out there wishing he had not allowed his child to have such a plaything. The cop couldn't know it wasn't real. Damn.

What I'm thinking is that maybe these "toys" should not be commonly available for idiot children like he obvious was. That police officer no doubt feels the same way the kid's parents must feel. One adult who regrets the shooting, and another set of adults who regret buying the damned thing in the first place.