Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, yesterday the Canadians slipped past us, but this afternoons' flogging of the South Africans by Roger Clemens brought back the vulpine gleam to my eye. They finally involked the mercy rule after Clemens had pitched about 5 innings and Ken Griffey had run in seven (yikes) runs on the hapless guys from South Africa. It was a rout, but it got me thinking about the series. Lots of energy in the beginning of the season... sorta like the kind of tournaments that you see in international soccer. I didn't think too much of the idea when I first heard about it last year, but this tournament has been a lot of fun... even the loss yesterday to the Canadians was pretty good ball. OK... so I changed my mind. This is fun at the top of the season. If they had something like this at the end of the season lots of guys would be playing hurt and it would put the teams at risk. This way everybody is rested and fresh and ready to play some stick and ball games. Good stuff... and man o man... this satellite radio is the kind. Regular old times baseball on the real honest to god radio. Manomanoman. I decare it officially summer. Put the sweaters away for another year. It's baseball season!