Sunday, April 16, 2006


That's a picture of Larry Earley, who owns a place out on the Center Hill Rd. near Okahumpka.. about twenty miles from my granddaddy's house. If you look close you can see his handgun sitting on the hog's left shoulder, where Larry set it down after busting a cap in the thing's ass. He's been having trouble with wild hogs coming out of the scrub into his pastures and tearing up his watermelon fields. There's no hunting pressure on the things so they get bigger and bigger until they turn into a threat to Larry's livestock, not to mention his kids on their 4 wheelers. What did he do? Well, you see it. Thanks Ashley for the picture. Look at the size of that thing! The beast dressed out over 1100 pounds. That's a winter shot that filled up the freezer, eh? Who needs Publix anyhow? Ha.