Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I don't think we give enough thought to the power of the bogus "information" industry. At least I think that we don't realize that if the main stream media does a poor job of reporting the news then the entire country is harmed because of not getting the word .

I'm sitting here ruminating about just this tonight. The last two weeks have been full of the latest trouble for Israel and Lebanon. No big deal, but the big three TV news outlets ABC, CBS, and NBC, combined with BBC and Reuters, combined with the usual MSM bumbling, has left me with the distinct feeling that the guys who actually get paid to report the news are dropping the ball ON PURPOSE. Of course, it's not news to anyone that the TV guys have been gutted by the enfo-tainment industry in the last few years and there is no news content to be had in that area any more. Edward R. Morrow's dead. Too bad. If it wasn't for Michael Yon, there wouldn't be any content anywhere, right?

But if your only source of information on the current Lebanon/Israeli war was BBC and the rest of that tribe, you would honestly believe that the Irarelis had tanked and that the rag heads had it all their way. And, that has concerned me because I really don't believe that the rag heads are the victims and that Americans and the Israelis are the evil bad guys. We all have real trouble if we seriously have the hezbollers, along with their friends at the Geraldo News Agency, as enemies. Could the Jews be losing? Scarey. Sorry... media spin and deliberate lying from talking head bull shitters from the MSM doesn't really pack much gear... does it?

BUT... here comes some professional intelligence types with this article and they seem to say what I've been secretly suspecting... that the bad guys are all talk and no real traction. The media guys must know that but they choose to not report it. Assholes. Maybe that's too simple, but I have a lot of trouble accepting the idea that a herd of goat fucking losers like that could really put a dent in Mossad. I mean... come on.

Then I started thinking... all the media mavens at BBC and The NYT have been telling us gleefully that the Israeli's are awful monsters, not like those wonderful, nice, Islamist Nazis that the American left and the English left who run the BBC seem to be holding up as such wonderful guys... troubled youth just trying to get justice... or so they say... have been spinning so hard that they have again lost touch with reality. So what else is new?

Now it's beginning to come out that the Hezbuggers, along with the Mullah Fuggers, have been just practicing a lot of media spinning and they're running out of steam. But the average guy listening to the crap coming out from the MSM has again been left behind. No accurate info, especially spun and slanted, anti-, and severely biased news IS WORSE THAN NOTHING.

I tell you, that bitch on BBC is spinning so hard to convince the world that this is all George Bush's fault it makes my skin crawl.

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