Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The nice thing about blogging is that there's always something to gab about if you just go looking around for that golden goodie that you can drag out and say... lookit hear folkies! Well... lookit hear folkies:

One of my favorite people is James Lilek.He's the guy who writes "The Bleat". I think that he originally kachinged for me because he reminded me of Dan Gilmartin, who occasionally injects some liberal Democrat foolery into my otherwise bland dullness. Newspaper guy, teacher, writer. well, never mind.

The dolts at BBC have a podcast called The Bloggers where they go interview somebody from the bloggersphere, and the other day they did Lilek. Absolutely golden! The link for the show is HERE.

Now I'm wondering what Lilek actually looks like. He's such a prankster that I doubt if he is really as advertised.