Friday, December 15, 2006


I've been camping with my daughter, typing on the latest opus (I figure that I'm about 3/4 through now... still plodding along.) and being fattened up like a prize heifer by the prodigal daughter. The kid has gone on a Mexican food kick. The most recent visible sample is shown here. It looked like a bowl of breakast cereal but it was mighty tastey. I may be ready for slaughter after the X-mas feast. Oink! Anyhow, it's a lot warmer at her house than out on the boat. She and the redhead have decided that I should come ashore and devote the remainder of the time allotted to me to the task of making them both happy. Strange how they both seem to think that this peculiar hallucination is a do-able feat. Ah, the power of positive female thinking! That stuff does look like partially digested hamster ration.... but it is proof that Americans all want to secretly move to Nuevo Laredo. Hmmm..... maybe start a second career of raising floss on my own dental floss ranch. Shure.... why not?