Sunday, February 08, 2004

I got a letter from my friend David Eells yesterday. He's living in Kentucky these days... some God forsaken place called (I swear to God) Fried Jaybird, Kentucky. Yup... Fried Jaybird! David says that the hunting has been good. He's collected 3 fair sized white tailed deer this winter, more than he and his dog Deeowgee (yup, the dog's name is Dog) have been able to eat, so life is good. He does say that it's "been a trifle coolish" there at Casa de Singlewide. The thermometer has been holding steady at 0 degrees Farenheit... that was at 5 AM three days ago and there were 2 new inches of snow on the ground.

He's the kind of guy who complains about having to ruin a perfectly good pair of 99 cent cotton gloves by cutting off the fingers when he goes shooting because he needs to feel the trigger pull on his .308. Says it's one of the signs of old age. What a life! He once pulled down his pants in court to show a jury his leg brace when he got a DUI riding his motorcycle through Lake Mary, FL (a yuppy suburb of Orlando). The cop thought he was drunk but he was actually half crippled from his adventures in Viet Nam. The cop didn't believe him but the jury did. My lawyer (Mike SanFilippo) actually has a videotape of him bearing all to the jury. Ha! When I kidded him about showing off he said... Well, I won the case didn't I? Yup, he sure did.

I think that I'll stay here in sunny Florida and keep my little electric space heater running on the boat. I've killed nothing so far this winter any larger than a bass, but then... nothing has killed me yet either. I'll call it even.