Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I've been mulling it over in my head for the last couple of days and I've come to the conclusion that Wretchard has it exactly on point...

And it's scarey as hell.

Let's face it. The fact is that he's got it exactly right. All of the miserable crap we've danced through in the last year or so has been the preamble to a really... really... scarey future. Click... bang. Click... bang. It's just that easy. And the era of small, cheap, easily transportable, and easily multiplied nuclear wapons is upon us. We don't need to rant and rave about whether Saddam had nuclear weapons. Of course he did. And they've been disassembled back into component parts and shipped to Pakistan... back to the vendor for Christ's sake... Why should we be surprised by that? And there's no reason to think that they only had 1 or 2. The smart thing would be to have twenty or thirty of the damned things. That way they could pull a whole bunch of triggers at once, the same way they had a slew of jets all headed for targets on 9/11 at the same time.

These guys want to bring us down and they have lots and lots of money to buy their way into Valhalla . Most of the mud people in this wicked world would love to see us brought down, even if it meant that they would never have a chance to live as we do.

What we need to do is get busy killing the key players and make it very very difficult for them to push the buttons. It isn't like we don't know how. Escobar once bought himself a whole government and we made him dead with no problem. We need to get very busy killing these suckers. Time is short children.