Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Well, it's been a slow but steady return to normal around here. Yesterday we went over the hump and most of Orlando began to come back to life. Little things that we take for granted until they aren't there began to reemerge. Traffic lights. You don't even think about how important the damned things are until you find yourself sitting in the middle of an intersection like Colonial Drive and Mills Ave. (Hwy 50 & 17-92) waiting for a gap in the traffic so that you can make the leap. Scarey. I especially got a dose of that kind of frustration down in Kissimme last night. I had gone down to luxuriate in a hot shower compliments of the Leete contingent. The cops had 192 arranged so you could only turn right once you get off the Turnpike. That makes it easy for the cops but I had to turn rignt, then immediately do a turnaround to go in the opposite direction. And that doesn't work because of 0ncoming traffic. Scarey. But it makes it easy for the cops to control the intersection. Well...

And the trusty workplace is returning to normal. Everybody who has been sitting around the house in the dark is creeping back in to see if their computer will work and if the air conditioning is turned back on... these guys are all standing around slurping DJJ coffee and comparing war stories and commenting and complaining about how Mayor Crotty got his power turned back on first in town and... bla bla bla. Ah... cops and free coffee. What a life.

OK... Ive had a shower. Thank God! I didn't need a hint. I KNEW that I needed a shower bad. Got it. Now what I want is Krispy Kreme! And hurry up about it. We are back. Tell the weather gnomes to sent their messages to the home office.