Saturday, September 04, 2004


Ok... it's Saturday, showdown time... and so far the storm is something that is almost entirely on Channel 6. All the scarey stuff is over on the coast and as far as I care it can stay over there.

I've had one band of wind and water blow through here. Wind went up to about 40 knots, just enough to make the rain blow sideways. That lasted about ten minutes. Now the sun is back out boiling down. The streets of Orlando are empty. The people have definitely taken this thing to heart. I just did a little cruisearound so that I could go check on the JAC and see if it still had a roof and the only people I saw were cops, prowling around looking for someone to prove their courage with. No takers. No customers at the worksite. That's a good thing. I was afraid we'd have another deal like we had during Charlie with a herd of kids huddled in the lockdown area with one generator trying to quit all night. No fun.

I called Titusville and things are breezy at the marina but no horror shows yet. Touch wood. I tried to call the Remaining Relative (my great-uncle, who is graciously allowing me a little tie down space for the Velocity on his pad at Leesburg International (ha)) but he is out of pocket. Probably riding around his watermelon fields looking for perverts cutting holes in his best Sugarbabies to make unnatural deposits during the violent fluctuations in the barometric pressure (you know how these Sumter County perverts are... you've read Cormac McCarthy).

So I guess I'll go back and get comfortable and watch Frances on TV. I'm not complaining.


Hmmm. The lights just winked off and then came back on. Love those UPSs. I hope that damned Frances didn't hear me making light of this degraded Category 4 tempest.