Saturday, December 25, 2004


Well, while the rest of the country is having a very white Christmas, we are having a cold and wet one... but I don't hear any whining. I'll take the Florida version of a White Christmas any time to what they're having in Baltimore right now. Hehehe.

What passes for a family with me went over to Mike SanFilippo's house last night for a Xmas pigout. Me, the daughter Katie and her unborn progeny, and the official boyfriend Stan. Nice guy, but I'm not sure that he realizes that he's in over his head with this crew. Mostly he makes me feel old. Sigh... he bought her a ring. Saved up for the thing on layaway. I think he's in love. I doubt if it will matter too much to Kathryn. She's 6 months along on her adventure in parenting and loving it. I figure, let him have all the diaper changing... I'll just drop by occasionally to inspect their work.

Sunday we go down to St. Cloud to eat the holiday turkey at the Leete's house. I got specific orders from Sandy (Tommy's bride)to assure Kathryn's appearance. She wants to see the expanding waistline I suppose. I call it part of the Female Mafia. They close ranks and us guys might as well go out to sit by the barn. Actually, Sandy may have a professional interest in the pregnancy. She's a Lactation Specialist at Arnold Palmer Hospital, where Kathryn will be hatching the future kid, and she probably wants some assurances that she will get assigned to superintend the infant from birth. Like I said, Mafioso at work.

So it's turning into a nice holiday, surrounded by friends and family. If I ran a bank I'd probably meet an angel sometime this weekend and... no, wait... that's a different movie.

The JAC is quiet so far (amazing) but I'll go in for a while this afternoon just to satisfy myself. I suspect the weather is discouraging too much crime. The cops don't like to get out of the car in the rain so arrests go down. Somebody has to be bleeding to get arrested in this weather. Hopefully it will last through tomorrow.

So Merry Christmas all. Have a second helping just to hold you over till the New Year. Pray for the same quiet times in Iraq. I got a nice Season's Greetings email from Sgt. Rick Flood yesterday. He's still snipering (he loves to brag about his kill count) for the good guys (Air Cav) outside Falujah somewhere. Rick... please be careful. We need you here at home brother.