Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Kathryn went and got her last sonogram this afternoon and took the proud grandpa along for moral support. Everything's normal, hands feet toes etc etc. Seven pounds 2 ounces. The doctor said that this is larger than 75% of babies... then when he saw Kathryn's smile he said... but smaller than 25%. Due date is still set at April 2. My friend Amanda said that she thought that the kidlet would come sooner than that. Maybe not. The doctor said that if Katie carries him to full term that Matthew (how's that one sound? Biblical?) would gain about another pound.

Thank goodness for a fairly normal kid. His grandfather was 13 lbs. 6 oz. Giant kid. Needless to say, I'm an only child. My father always said that my mother swore off sex after having me. Of course, that was back in the old days when you had the kid then took it in to the doctor to see if there were any problems.

I love the new machinery. The 3-D sonogram tool is flat amazing. It's like photography. I'll try to scan the best of the prints and see if they will come out digitally. I know, I know. Just what you need, eh? They are neat though.

I'll say one thing for sure... the kid is definitely a relative. I watched him play with his dingus for about five minutes. I swear it looked like he had a boner (Kathryn will have a fit when she reads this). And I mean... he definitely takes after his granddaddy. We both have something that scares most white women. The boy is coming out of the chute with a bonus round in his favor.