Monday, May 02, 2005


I've spent the last few days on the boat. Drifting along... what I call Gulfstreaming. Went down to Miami and drifted back up the coast coming back into Cocoa then back to The Anchorage. Solo communing... no TV, no paper... no computers. Just me and the Atlantic. It rained all day yesterday but that was OK. Made everything quiet down and cleared out the riff raff. Time to think.

I've decided to pass on the State job and go back to teaching. There are several good openings locally, just straight classroom jobs. I'll do the paperwork this week and see what bubbles up.

In the meanwhile, I went to Golden Corral last night and watched the mobs at the feeding frenzy. Interesting. Sunday night is family night I guess and the place was full of these huge crowds of Hispanic mommies and daddies who were there with whole rafts of kiddies.... not bad, just in constant motion. It was a circus of squalling babies and teen agers. This one young woman, couldn't have been more than 16, babe in arms, shouting at her hubbie about something, her breasts had been leaking out onto her t-shirt. She whips one of her boobies out and plugs the kid in, much to the horror of an elderly white couple sitting at the next booth from me. Hey, everybody eats at the Golden Corral, right? But it really was a cultural jolt to the elderly couple. Not elderly, just older, kind of like "grown children WASPS"... tourist types from up north if you follow me. The woman actually gets up and tells the girl that she should go to the ladies room where she can have some privacy. Well, the latino boyfriend tells the old lady to perform an anatomical impossibility and the couples come within a heart beat of becoming an item in the morning paper. Who you think you are bitch? Who the fuck are you anyhow? The white couple left in a hurry and left behind a whole crew of young family types doing that head move that they do... I'll tell you Marlita what I would do with them (head move head move)... I would bla bla bla (head move head move). What a hoot.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the show. Got to bed early and now I'm up early looking for trouble myself. What a life.