Sunday, April 10, 2005


Give you forty dollars if you... Oh, never mind.

I got the new W.E.B. Griffin book "By Order of the President". Actually, I didn't buy it. My friend Tommy got a copy of the new one and passed it on to me to read. This is a new book in a new series for that guy and I have been in hiding for the last two days reading it. Good stuff. If you like his stuff then you will not be disappointed.

I talked to Kathryn this afternoon. She was concerned because I was a little out of pocket and wouldn't answer the phone. Actually, I have had the computer hooked up all day while I was massaging my massive backload of email trash. This really is maddening... I turned the damned thing off for a couple of days and the Spam Killer didn't have its way with the garbage and then when it was turned back on it was facing a pile of several THOUSAND (!!!) unwanted, unsolicided emails.

This is absolutely criminal. Do these people get anything out of this? Is there anyone who actually participates in these scams?