Wednesday, June 29, 2005


My daughter says that in a lot of ways I'm naive. I suppose she's right. I tend to think that I am typical and that norms for all can be defined by asking myself questions. But that method often fails.

My views on the most recent Supreme Court decisions about private property ownership are precisely 180 degrees opposite to what the majority of the Court sees as normative behavior. And as I study the whole issue of confiscation I'm learning that this business of government just transferring ownership from one person to another without any window dressing of "the public good" is actually fairly common.

Scary, eh? And here I sit with my thumb up my butt thinking that I have some constitutional protections when in fact, I don't. And I find myself listening to the politicians preening and chirping abut how great they are...

And I find myself hating them all. Who do they thnk they are? They know exactly who they are and what they're doing. And I hate them.

When I get to the place where I hate more than them and get to actually hating my country... then we've all got trouble. How far does this go before people just give up trying to be citizens and patriots and parents. When did the Romans just give up trying to be Citizens of Rome? Maybe we're closer to the end than I thought.

Am I alone in feeling this way? Right now I feel like I have been abandoned by my country. Peggy Noonan has a good article in the Journal today asking the same kind of questions... only she is better at speaking the unasked questions than me.

I'm sorry. I just hate this shit. Let's flush the toilet and start over somewhere else. We've screwed this one up.