Wednesday, August 24, 2005


My friend is just about convinced that I'm a bad person. Maybe she's right. She said that she could look at a man... look into his face... and tell what was in his heart. I said that we were surrounded by perfectly normal looking men, attractive gentlemen with good manners and clean clothes, who were in fact monsters. She said... show me. Well, I got her a copy of Sophie's Choice by William Styron. She agreed to read it and I told her all about the Angel on the left, a young, good looking German officer doctor type named Josef Mengele, who ran one of the camps that tells the story of that terrible choice that Sofie had to make.

I asked what Elaine would do if given that choice. She is still crying and is not sure if she wants to like me any more.

Why do we have to keep relearning such lessons?