Sunday, September 04, 2005


The great thing about the internet is that it is almost impossible for any collective entity to pass the buck. My usual ritual on Sunday mornings is to lie in bed until all the talk shows full of so-called experts have filled us all with the wisdom of the ages. But this morning I just shut the thing off when ABC ran some footage of George Stephanopolis and the governor of Louisana doing a flyover. There was George crouched close to the window of the plane while her governatorness (or whatever she is) pleaded tearfully with the Federales to please please help us pore folks down here on the delta. I just couldn't take any more. These assholes were pretending to "see" the tragedy from several thousand feet in the air. Class Limo Liberals. Aaargh!

What's that got to do with the bloggoshere? Well, the guys over at THIS location have access to some images that should add some color to the finger pointing. The good folks at Junkyardbloggers has photographic proof that the mayor and governor had a solution to their problem all along. These assholes were busy begging for someone to help them while they are off getting their hair done so that they could ride around in limos with ABC news. Too busy to do their job. The evil assholes! The losers! The city fathers of the Big Easy had enough busses on hand to haul about 16,000 of those pore folks to safety. Sixteen thousand at each rotation. Did they use the busses? Oh, nooo. Of course not. The busses sat there in comfort through the storm and they are STILL sitting there! These assholes have been so busy trying to find someone to blame that they still haven't opened the gates. They don't want to help the citizens of New Orleans. They just want to ride around in air conditioned comfort with some blinder wearing liberal suckwad from the mass media liberal cabal. The folks that invented the concept of gimme-gimme. And it was local government that caused the really scary stuff by releasing all the prisoners in the New Orleans jails so that they could turn the city into a war zone in the first place. Idiots!

It just fills me with rage when I realize that this is what passes for leadership in this country. It isn't often that I can say that I'm very glad that I live where I do... but today I'm very glad that I live in Orlando, Florida... Orange County... Sheriff Kevin Berry.... Governor Jeb Bush (yeah... the President's kid brother). Leadership... that's what is needed. My sheriff is a hardass who actually owns his own armored personel vehicle (read tank). And that guy would not have time to beg for help... he would have been out protecting the citizens he had been hired to protect.

And I'll guarantee you that he would have had those empty busses full to capacity and hauling his citizens off to safety, not sitting on his ass whining about how he needs the Feds to come bail him out.

It's amazing. They had a whole yard full of busses sitting there the whole time. Amazing! I'm surprised the thugs hadn't stolen them so that they could start their own system. God knows the elected officials there didn't have the stones to accomplish anything.