Saturday, October 22, 2005


While I have a little time I thought that I'd clean up my blogroll. Sad business. I guess the guy I miss more than the others is Kim. That was a very good guy. I'm sure he's doing fine. I think that Jim over at Smoke on the Water stays in touch with him. Texas buds you know. Anyhow, I figure that if there were any impending change in status that Jim would find out about it. For now, he's a goner. Another sorely missed: the Georgia Rambler. I always liked to hold him up as a transitional dude. Sort of like Medved, only I suspect that it's a bigger jump for a black guy to become a conservative than it was for a Jewish guy like Medved. But, they're both super dudes and we are bound to hear something more from King. Who else has wanded off? Rachel. I'm not sure what happened to her. Off being married I think. Babies? Oh, Lord. Do you think that there might be more women like her? Yikes! Who else? Rob at GutRumbles is in the hospital drying out. Strange as it may seem, I miss him. A coven of red toenailed blogger-vixens are covering for him for a few weeks. Hmmm... a sober GutRob? I really am not ready for that. All kidding aside, he's been sick for a long time. Here's hoping things will improve. That wild woman The Cheesemistress is taking a break. Burnout she says. Again, she and the squid she's married to just moved to new digs and the lady is probably tired of cooking up new miles of bullshit for all of us to spread on our evening crackers... maybe she's painting her new house purple. I've always figured that she was gonna turn into one of those looney old ladies in purple cotton dresses, cooking up big platters of fried green tomatoes and wearing converse high tops. Anyhow, she's laying off too.
So here we are in the ebb and flow. Hang in there Lady D. Hang in there Jim... Velociman... Guy... Catfish... the Grunts (WhiteGuy and the Bloodletter)... the evil Dax. We're getting a little thin on the ground.