Monday, January 02, 2006


Cormac McCarthy has a new book out for Xmas: No Country for Old Men. There's a definite irony in the notion of marketing one of his dangerous books as a holiday present. The author of Sutree and Blood Meridian as a harbinger of the season of giving. Yikes! Anyhow, my friend Tom Leete has an evil child who gave him a copy of the new novel and I borrowed it from him Christmas Day so it has doubled as a multiple present. I'll get my own copy of the thing when it comes out six months from now in paperback. Cheap-o, I know... but I make the excuse of being a pore broke down state employee. The book is a caricature of all of our ancient fears. A page turner for the masochist set. If you liked his other work you'll love this. A desert chase full of blood and anger and unbending homage to male honor. Damn, I just love this stuff.