Saturday, May 06, 2006



Well, I went to Origin of Soul blogger Dana's graduation from
Lake-Sumter Community College in Leesburg,FL last night. It was nice but it did remind me that tempus fugits. I went to that school about thirty years ago, and I used to come over here from UCF and teach classes when our department participated in the UCF/L- SCC outreach program (which still bridges the community college programs to the university programs thank you very much)... but as I looked on the stage full of bigshots I realized that I didn't know a single person there except for Dana. Amazing. I enjoyed looking around at the kids and all the proud parents. Ah... all that expectancy. Hunger for the future. It really made me feel archaelogical. This rather dark photo (sorry) is Dana's mom and her cousin (I think). That's the star of the evening in the middle. Graduated cum lauda no less. Congrats girl.

The family types had a little party at a watering hole down on International Drive after the ceremony but I managed to get lost in the road construction and when I got to the intersection of Sand Lake Road and International Drive where I thought Oh Shucks was I couldn't find it. Oh, well. I really hate that part of town anyhow. Thousands and thousands of white legged tourist ladies from Ohio and dirty chldren with shrill voices shouting obscenities from rental cars as they pretend to be middle class. Shudder. But I'm sorry that I couldn't find the place. Let's face it... I'm an idiot.