Sunday, June 18, 2006


Actually, it's the right hand and the left foot of a thief being carried through the streets of Kabul by a Taliban kid. An old traditional exercise of an article of the Rule of Hammurabi. Definitely a way to get a fellow's attention, but it occurs to me that the pictured character with that fatuous look on his face who is exercising that old dictum of law was just a kid... and it occurs to me that the vast majority of the people we see in the film provided by the MSM are all just kids... and I'm thinking that we really can't fight this like grownups. We are at war with an army of dangerous children. You can't scare them, you can't reason with them, you can't talk to them. Shit... they're just a bunch of idiot kids.

I recall my own time as a soldier. An eighteen year old gung ho Marine. All I lived for was to ride around in my chopper and kill gooks. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than an American eighteen year old armed with an automatic weapon. You couldn't reason with me either. I was a door gunner on an Iriquois gunship, part of a fire team, and a devoted collector of body parts provided by our allies the Hmong villagers... a more bloodthirsty collection of tiny little children from the mountains of Asia you'll never meet in your wildest nightmares. I was proud to wear a collection of VC penises and ears, and added to the collection from time to time. I had that grisley souvenir around my neck for the better part of a year. God knows where it got off to. Like any other eighteen year old, I couldn't hang on to my stuff.

Still can't.