Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I stole this from Bloodletting. Good stuff:

The following are some things that I learned first in the Marine Corps, and again in medical school. Some, if not many, are not my own ideas, but are from outside sources that are applicable to both.

Mistakes get people killed.
Sucking chest wounds are nature's way of telling you to slow it down
People can bleed a lot, but not forever
Often, the best move you can make is to keep your mouth shut
They wouldn't yell at you if they didn't care
People function better if they are rested and fed
You need the people under your command more than they need you
Lead from the front
Share in dangers and hardships
If you aren't bloody and tired by the end of it, you had it easy
Life is fragile and fleeting
The important things are simple, but the simple things are hard
Extend your kindness to strangers, but stay your trust in them.
strong stimulation of the vagus nerve can induce bradycardia and syncope..which can be beneficial or detrimental depending upon your aims
It's not the dangers you see that you have to worry about, it's the ones you don't detect.
Anunciate when giving verbal orders
Keep your tools clean and ready
Keep yourself clean and ready
You must be prepared to meet the best and worst of the human condition
Life's got nothing to do with what you deserve
Death has even less.

I wish I'd written that.