Monday, August 07, 2006


One nice thing about moving back to the big city is I've got my kid, and her kid, in a real house... and that means civilization for Bob... and that means cable. I've fallen across a Discovery channel program called Dirty Jobs with Michael Rowe, who goes around working for different companies who put him to doing really nasty, smelly, hard, often dangerous... jobs that few of us would willingly do. One of the jobs that he found was for a company that cleans skulls and bones so that they can be used in displays. They cleaned, de-fleshed, bleached several road kills, one of them a huge baleen whale where the bones alone weighed several hundred pounds. Another was a cappibarra... a huge South American rodent that came complete and needed to have the flesh removed. OoohWeee! The smell. He said that even after you took your gloves off the smell lingered on your hands for several days.

Here's the link on Discovery channel.