Sunday, September 03, 2006


The blue eyed troubador had a birthday Friday. Did you send him a present? I've spent the weekend listening to a collection of all the Bob Dylan/Theme Radio shows being reissued en-mass for some reason by XM. Nice. I once went out with a brown eyed girl named Mary Helen and damned near married the crazy bitch because of her loving Van Morrison. She was crazy for Dylan too. She looked like Norma Jean (that did it for me) and used to keep her panties in the fridge cause she wanted me to always have a "nice cool treat to eat". Damn, I miss that crazy woman. I think I'll go call her and see if her husband is around. Last time I talked to him he was bitching about her whoring around. He didn't know that the gal mostly was whoring around with me. Hmmm... since he's a sheriffs deputy big shot and very well armed... maybe I'll just leave her alone and let the sleeping dog do just that. Anyhow, happy birthday Van. Say hello to Belfast for me.