Sunday, August 13, 2006


That's a picture of the last of the Hemingway cats. His name is Ivan and he and several of the house cats at Hemingway's house are of the six toed bloodline original to the housecats that Hemingway had... and they have been preserved by the folks who own the museum that preserves the property. But, of course, now the feds want to make sure that the housecats are not being exploited so.... they're threatening the museum people with a $200 a day fine for allowing the cat to do what male cats do when they still have their equiptment... they cat around. The rest of the house cats have made the ultimate male sacrifice but Ivan's nads were preserved so that the bloodline of Hemingway cats could be preserved in all their six toed splendor. Anyhow, now the whole mess is in federal court while all of Key West is all up in arms over the damned federal govt. messing with a good cat's balls. Good grief!

Here's the link.