Monday, February 23, 2004

I've been on a roll of great blogs lately. The grumpy gutrumbler from the frozen north of Georgia is going through the changes... and I noticed that he was almost apololgizing for his bad behavior to his few friends. Hey... the woman will die alone in harpie hell man... you're way way ahead without her. Look at it this way... you got a terrific kid out of the deal, so look on the bright side. She was a lousy hump anyhow... a woman without a heart is just a form of self abuse. Who needs used goods?

My guy Smokin' Jim out in Galveston bit the bullet today and turned in his walking papers. But that has been coming for a while (at least that's what it seems like). Jim... one of the nice things about living on a boat is that you can always collect up your dock lines and move on over to Florida. Heck... that's what you really want to do anyhow. Liveaboard is by definition a transient lifestyle, so get moving guy.

My oldest friend Tom Leete just tossed out his job in South Carolina and took over a contractor's yard down in Kissimmee. Want to do some lumber peddling? He reads your blog and contributes to this one. Why don't you just go ahead and make the leap. Why not? Bring the cats too. If you go to St. Pete you're right across the estuary from Ybor City, home of all that real honest to god cuban leaf. Think about it. Dominican too.

Me? With all these guys in turmoil I'm a little afraid to go out of doors, but the sun was out with a vengeance today and all you guys above Palatka can kiss my balmy butt. My sweater is in storage for the duration.

But in the meanwhile, I keep falling across great blogs. Our liaison to the Jamaican/Georgia connection turned me on to THIS MAMA HERE. This Michelle girl is great! Try it out.

In the meanwhile... Stevie passed her professional teacher test. Go her scores back today. Beer for everybody. Good for you girl!