Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Well, we've had a week of gruesome pictures and it's only Tuesday... Wednesday soon... Now we have some video of some ragheads beheading an American contractor.

One of the valuable functions of the blogosphere is that this stuff actually gets disseminated. The mainstream media doesn't have the stomach for it, or they have their heads so far up their own asses that they don't want to give both sides of the story, or whatever.

But it's a good idea for the rest of the world to get occasional reminders of just who they are messing with:

Americans are not dopey, nicey nicey, weaklings who all act like John Kerries with a splinter in his finger. We are the only people in history to actually use nuclear weapons on general populations. We cleaned out whole nations of Indians. We have always been proud of the fact that General Pershing left no enemies behind. Still are.

The big difference between the photos of the prison guards giving out doses of humiliation and the photos of a group of murderers killing a businessman in cold blood is that our guys are smirking and showing off for the cameras while the "warriors of Allah" are hiding behind KKK looking hoods and trying to act tough. What we're telling the ragheads is that OUR WOMEN are better men than the crapulent losers in sandland. And they will have you sucking your own peckers before the whole world. Down, scum! Classic dominatrix fare, eh?

Those creeps are hiding because they KNOW that they are doing something awful and they are ashamed of it. What the boneheads at the prison are doing is saying is that they're not really doing anything so terrible... just rubbing some scumbags' noses in it. And lets face it, that's exactly what they are doing. Acidman has it exactly right when he says that the girl in the prison pictures should be in dominatrix costume. Yeah!

But the rest of the world should give slow pause to the idea that America is nothing but a sleeping giant. There is an old story about the delegation of Japanese diplomats who were supposed to formally notify Roosevelt about the beginning of hostilities in WWII. Roosevelt had the guys sent back to San Francisco by train rather than flying them back. It took two weeks to get across America by train in those days. The yellow peril dudes got there terrified and astounded that they had disturbed such a sleeping giant.

I've always hoped that that particular story was true. My friend Dan Gilmartin can probably straighten me out on the facts. He's usually right about stuff like that. It makes a great story though doesn't it?

So world... understand that nothing has changed. We're still gonna burn down your hooch and kill your water buffalo and set fire to your children and have our women make you act out your worst nightmares. Stand ready for it.