Saturday, October 23, 2004


Another week. I'm sitting here thinking about the function of this little journal. I suppose that one of its primaries is the role that is played by being a public forum of private addictions.... uh.... of course, such a thing is almost instantly defined as solipsistic crap. I tend to rush good news forward so that it will be made fixed and unchanging. Then when things don't go as planned I'm stuck with vile pseudo-explanations.

What I need to learn is to keep quiet about good news until it actually happens. Short answer to the question: I lost the boat. The owner got the money, but he didn't properly secure the thing. I think that what he did was just anchor the thing off of the docks in Branford, CT and walk away with the cash. And, a storm came through and put a nice old Irwin 27 into the rocks. Nothing I could do but wring my hands and curse my bad karma.

Of course, the possiblity of a straight up scam crossed my mind, but that seems far fetched. It is more likely that the guy was just a hustler and not much of a real boat lover. Who else could just abandon a classic like that to the cruel winds of October.

Anyhow, I'm back in boat search mode. I think that I'll revert to my original plan of finding a 30-35 foot Piver trimaran. Maybe I can look back on this incident as a diversion in my long term plan to get what I've always wanted.

There's a really nice 40 footer available, but that would just be another boat too big for me to single hand. There should be a properly equipped 30 out there looking for someone to love.

And believe me. The next time I buy a boat I will not send the man the money until I'm backing the damned thing out of the slip and I'm motoring down the ICW with a title in my hot little hands.

As Dax would say --- Just Damn.