Friday, January 07, 2005


I have a duty to satisfy tonight... I have to get Tommy's truck back to him. I've been riding around Orlando all week in this monster thing of his while the Volvo was getting a new timing belt and seals installed. And some other junk. Just the stuff that I should have done six months ago but have been putting off until the lady just up and died on me down there in St. Cloud the other night.

I've always said that I'd rather be lucky than smart. And it's still true. I was down there at the Leete homestead last Saturday... sitting around running the noise maker and bragging about times past then I said that it was time to hit the dusty trail, went out in the yard and lit up the trusty Volvo and headed to points north. Now you should understand that these folks live about fifteen miles outside a little bitty place called St. Cloud in a rural part of Osceola County south of metro Orlando. I mean waaaay out. Waaaaaaay out. Anyhow, Leete headed for the sheets and I hit the road. I got about 500 yards from his front door and the car just quit. Bam. No talking about it. No whining or running lousy. Just bam... dead as a door nail.

So I walked back, mooched a bed for the night, and borrowed his truck to get into town the next morning. The tow truck ($200 !) solved my problem and the good folks at the Volvo place told me timing belt and five hundred bucks later I was on the road. A week later.

What's the point of all this? Well, I borrowed Tommy's Chevy Avalanche while my car was in the shop. Now, at first glance, you'd think that I'd be happy, but.... well.... I am happy that he was generous enough to just hand me an expensive top of the line pickemup truck for me to profile around town in... but... would I want one? Uh... nope.

I found that the thing would not fit into most of the city parking spaces that I find myself trying to get in to. I mean... this thing is a TRUCK! And I suppose that I've become one of those accursed metro types. That's funny because the Volvo 740 Turbo really is a hot potatoe. Quick, agile, road eater... but small. Comfortable, even for a middle aged fat guy like me, but small.

That Avalanche is a good looking truck, but I wouldn't trade my Swedish rocket title for title. Sorry. Too damned big.

But I do appreciate the loan. And I'm just as happy to get it back to my friend. Any time you are stuck without a ride I'll lend you the Turbo.

This has been the first week of the new year after ignoring my office since the wek before Xmas. I guess that is why I'm blathering about this sort of crap. I can't see my desk! I don't think that there's a kid left in Central Florida. We've got them all in the Detention Center! Good Grief!