Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The more you move around, the more wierdness you stir up. At least that's the way it works for me. I'm at my friend's house down in Osceola County using his new HP... trying to dump some stuff into my profile account with Orange County Schools because my computer won't fully load the index page of OCPS's website server. Hmmm.. it has to be my stuff. It's got no reason to not work, but there you go. And of course, I want to automate my profile so that I can make multiple applications. Wierd. Tell me again... these are supposed to be labor saving devices, right? It must be something screwey with JAVA... that's what I'm thinking... hmmm.

This HP is nice though. I guess that I could take three grand down to circuit city and get a box just like this one that would download the same stuff as Tommy's new HP. But the dark side is that the damned thing doesn't have a 3 1/2 " drive for me to move the key files out of my stuff and into the HP. What is that? Have floppys and such become obsolete? They sold Leete a brand new machine without any floppy drive access. The thing has a DVD burner and CD writer, a USB port so that you can hook your ipod up to it, and flash memory reader port on the front of the thing... but the HP guys just assume that floppys are passe' and don't bother to put one on their high end consumer machines any more. I feel like I need to take a wake up pill and return to the 60s. Maybe get out some of my old CPM 8 inchers or maybe get out a box of hollerith cards. I've got some. I still have all the cards that I ran for my dissertation in a box somewhere.

Of coourse, this just stops me cold because the documents I brought with me are on a 3.5 disc. What an antique you are Bob. Just what I need... to feel older. Sign.

The nice thing is that I'm sitting at a big window looking out across the lake as huge thunder clouds are rolling into St. Cloud. Here in the middle part of Florida the east coast seabreeze and the west coast seabreeze collide about this time of the afternoon and usually all hell breaks loose thunderstorm-wise. This is why central Florida is the lightening strike capital of the US. All that rain coming together usually makes for a great light show.

With a little luck lightening will strike the phone lines and fry the whole network all the way back to Bill Hewlett's house in California (or wherever).