Tuesday, July 05, 2005


As you may know, tasers have been a fairly controversial system. Here in Florida, there have been a long string of complaints of abuse. The cops use the taser to get some kid to get control of himself and then next thing you know... here comes Channel 9.

Now the cops like tasers because they are not lethal force. A point all those irate parents haven't thought about. Some 180 pound 18 year old goes off on some cop and gets himself tased. The alternative is for the cop to shoot his ass. Hmmm. Those unintended funerals do have a sort of finality, don't they?

Well, take a look at this thing -- a microwave gun system that gives the perp a zap without any wires or bullets or darts. Just microwave zingers that the developers say is like grabbing a hot skillet. Only penetrates the skin about a 64th of an inch. Shazam!

It's like that adjustable handgun that Captain Kirk had on Star Trek. Set it on stun Mr. Sulu. We can always crank it up if things get too out of hand. Right?